Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DadeDiva Layout

Wanted to do something simple....
I think this would be an awesome book cover! ;)

(I hate that Blogger takes away the crispness from some of my photos...it only does it when it wants to...ugh)
Anywho..to view more photos please 

My Pancake Date

I had a super awesome "Pancake Date" this morning with my littlest one AJ.
Today at IHOP they have their National Pancake Day which they give a free short stack of pancakes to each guest...with a donation which goes to the 
Children's Miracle Network Hospital Charity!

Good Eat for a Good Cause!
We love pancakes so this was the perfect date for us!

I love him! 
Best date ever..
Hubby would be jealous!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello my lovely readers!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday...even though most of us dread the beginning of the work week!


Monday's can be AWESOME day's too!
I know mine was! 

Every girl loves to have one day to just relax and hang out. Well today was that day for me. 
Yes...on a Monday!

I spent this morning with my bestiee Mandy..
She treated me to a Mani and Pedi! 
Yes...she spoils me! :)

Just to have a girl's day out was just what both of us needed. 
No kiddies and actual adult interaction...lol
Sometimes being around the kids 24/7 we need that interaction.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
I know I had a great time.
 We have now decided to make this a twice a month thing of us having a mani/pedi date with each other..lol.

Thanks Mands for taking me out!
Heart you to pieces!

Our toes were Happy!

Mandy avoiding me not wanting to take a jpeg..lol

 (singing)....Ebony and Ivoryyyy..hehe

Picking up JR...as you can see him in the background..lol

Mani/Pedi's done...got all the rugrats back :)

Always a good time with my Mands!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Exercise Finder

So I just started following this super awesome blogger 
which you can find her blog
and she was oh so nice to share a website which helps in targeting those areas that you are looking to tone up and lose weight in. 
I'm pretty excited about using the Exercise Finder because I have been slacking on my exercise regime..ALOT.
All you do is click on the area that you are looking to work on and it gives you exercises to do for that specific area!


Click on the woman’s body or click on the
“Select a body part” button located on the top
of the page.

*Please note that it is best to consult a health professional before 

I have added this to my bookmarks on my CPU and I plan on using this later! 

Make sure to go check out The Mane Topic and follow her!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hair Product Finds @ Walgreens

Not sure if this sale is at all Walgreens 
they have an awesome sale of natural hair care products right now.

They had a number of products on sale all for prices under $2.00 
so I couldn't pass it up.
I never tried any of the products that were on sale so
below are a few items that I decided to try out!

Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Energizing Creme (Original Price: $3.99) | Sale Price: $ 1.69

Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Energizing Deep Conditioner (Original Price: $1.69) | Sale Price: $ 0.45

Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Energizing Pomade (Original Price: $4.99) | Sale Price: $ 1.89

Morocco Hydrating Hair Mask (Original Price: $6.99) | Sale Price: $ 1.69

Elasta Intense Hiar Conditioning Creme (Original Price: $3.49) | Sale Price: $ 1.69

Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist (Original Price: $5.99) | Sale Price: $ 1.69

They also had a couple of Loc & Twist Gels for sale for under $2.00!

So if your looking to experiment with new products on your natural hair I suggest you 
head over to your nearest Walgreens to check what they have on sale right now.

Today I deep conditioned my hair with the Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Deep Conditioner. 
The only thing I dislike about it is that the smell is REALLY STRONG...and has a medicated smell to it..
But other than that, I think my hair was a happy camper today and it feels refreshed!

After deep conditioning, I used the Elasta Hair Conditioning Creme and Nouveau Finishing Mist to style.
I think I like the results from these products so far!

Here's a couple photos!

An Apple + Flashlight = Photo Fun

Every Wednesday I have my Digital Photography class. 
Right now we are working on our Project 1 which is our Still Life photography and our assignment is to photography a red apple in creative ways in different enviroments.
We have had this assignment for a few weeks 
and I've started with photographing my boys with the apple......

 but anywho....
my class is at the Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus and for class last night we did a photo walk just to photograph whatever we liked last night to do like a show and tell type of thing.
Well I decided to take my apple and a mini keychain light while walking downtown and just experiment with shots. 

Here are a few photos that I took last night....
...nothing edited...

I had my Professor sign his  name in the air!

I just like this photo because the water looks amazing!

My apple watching a light show. :)

Clouds start to hover over my apple while another apple in the distance tells him to run!

Now he's in a whirlwind tornado..hehe

 So my apple starts to run away!

Then he stops in his tracks! lol 
Ok yes...I was getting excited using my apple.

I made a heart for my Hubby! <3

 And made a tulip for myself. :)

This shot of my Professor came out wrong but I still loved it because of the lights and how the apple looks like its floating in the air.

Took this shoot of one of my classmates...eating my apple!! Moved to different spots during the shot while the Professor flashed his face at each spot for him to appear. 
One of him didn't come out correctly but the other to came out ok.
 Still like the shot!

My apple survived!! 

 I tried to write apple in the air..Took me a few times and this is the best that I got..lol

Had a good time in class last night. Can't wait for next week.
We will now be working on Project 2 for 5 examples of Shadow, Texture, Color and Reflection..I think I may incorporate my apple into that project as well. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Business Spotlight Feature: Haute Steps, Inc.


HauteSteps, Inc. is an online shoe store owned by a fabulous and ever so fashionable young lady named
 Tesia Poulos. 
With her keen eye for style, she has graced us with sharing her love of fashion through her online shoe store with the trendiest shoes and accessories.

and visit her online store:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Out & About Today

Out and About today with my boys...

My Two Berto's! Love them to pieces!

Driving down I-95...Airplane about to land at Fort Lauderdale Airport!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Full of Shoots

Well I must say I had a great weekend...Had a full weekend of photo shoots but still managed to spend time with my boys at home....always a plus!

My Friday started off with shooting the Future Youth Bulls Award Ceremony which was the jump start to the "Celebration of Life" weekend in honor of the late NFL Player Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The kids were so excited receiving their awards! I can't wait to get JR and AJ registered to start playing sports! 

Saturday I did a shoot of a beautiful little girl named KeKe...she was a bit camera shy but her photos still came out amazing! 

Isn't she super cute!!

You know I always try to have fun on my shoots!

Anywho, today (Sunday) I had a shoot with the gorgeous ladies of FCPI...First Class Productions, Inc. 
It is always a pleasure to work with this group of ladies..Its nothing but a good time shooting them! They definitely remind me of family!
If you are looking for first class service for any event planning or staffing make sure you contact First Class Productions, Inc. 

The force behind it all...Mrs. Sunnie Morrison!

I had to throw a "Look Away" pose in there..hehe!

Gotta Love Them!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Shoot Deets

Yesterday I conducted a shoot for Author Candra Ward who's book entitled "In My Mind" 
will be coming out in the near future. 

For the worse day I've had for a shoot the day couldn't have turned out better because we got the shots she was looking to portray in her book.

I get to the shoot location to start...I'm setting up and  
My flash drops off of my hotshoe flash clip...and no longer flashes.
And we all know as photographers...we must HAVE LIGHT!
First I want to give a shout out to 
They are totally awesome and their insurance plan is amazing!
Secondly I want to give a shout out to
for ALWAYS making sure I purchase additional insurance on my equipment!
I love that man!

So I head over to Best Buy and they say Oh yeah we will go ahead and just replace it for you!
How awesome is that!

Oooooooooo but we no longer sale that specific flash that you have...
Even though it took forever to get this taken care of...best buy customer service took care of me and replaced my flash with an UPGRADED SB flash..
And its 

Ok..so anywho enough about my stressful flash interruption...

Candra did an amazing job for her first time doing the shoot! She swears she needs lessons but she doesn't!
I wanted her to be natural in most of her photos to show her readers who she really is..and I definitely think she did a great job in getting that description across. 
She is a very elegant, soft, strong-minded woman and I truly am grateful that I was able to not only meet her but to work with her! 

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about her is that she is so down-to-earth and loves life and has fun just like anyone of us! Here is one of her being silly  taking a photo.
 :) Love it!
Being silly in front of the camera brings comfort in being in front of the camera..And comfort in  front of the camera brings amazing shots! 

Anyone that has worked with me knows that I love to create a comfortable atmosphere and make sure that the day is fun on my shoots. I always try to capture candids just to add a little photojournalism about my day with a client.
So here is a few photos from yesterday's shoot!

For a preview of Author Candra Ward's photos from shoot

Tierra did a great job on makeup!

Ms. Ward getting beautified!
Isn't she gorgeous!

Yes, if it wasn't for Tierra trying to become a cast member of "Swamp People" we would have never seen snakes during the shoot...but WE DID!

And this one was a bit bigger but hiding under water! How Tierra saw this one..I have no idea!

I am a photographer and assistant to the client!
Love my job..if you even call it that!

MUA Tierra doing her thing!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
-Neil Armstrong