Wednesday, October 26, 2011

12-Day Challenge


This morning I was browsing Tumblr and I came across a fellow blogger who is into fitness and they have a 12-Day Challenge which they have posted on their blog. I decided to look at the workouts before deciding if I wanted to start it or not and even though that first Cardio workout video is a bit corny it seemed like it would be a good workout. So I have officially started this 12-Day Challenge and I just finished the first day. WHEW!!!! Talk about breaking a sweat. The Cardio, seeing as though you have to do it 4x, gives you a GREAT workout!!! And well, the UH-OH Obliques workout....lets just say my sides are hurting right now...and the butt workout is ridiculous..I definitely think this challenge will bring some good results. The workouts that I have been doing prior to this has been Beachbody P90x and Insanity...which was around the beginning of the year. I will post the links at the end of this blog if anyone would like to join in the challenge (Blogilates) or would like to start the workouts that are located on Oprah's website. I can't believe I have accomplished dropping 24 lbs.. I now have 10 lbs to go to be at my ideal weight that I want to be at which is 120 (which is about 4 lbs above what I used to be before having kiddos). So I am hoping this 12-Day Challenge will help me get to that goal.

Here are the links:
12-Day Challenge via Tumblr
10 Best Workouts for Women via
The Swimsuit Ready Workout via


I just wanted to share an app that both my boys, ages 3 and 4, use while they are using the IPAD. And if you are an owner of either an IPAD or IPHONE (which I think you can also use this app on) I strongly advise you to use it for your toddlers to help their development in learning. There are two that I really like. The first one is Starfall Alphabet. You can also see the website online at STARFALL WEBSITE. The Starfall Alphabet app goes through each letter teaching the child the sound, ways to use it in a word, has matching games and puzzles and a number of different things. Since JR has been in Pre-K he has learned so much, especially with using this tool. He is able to match all Upper Case letters and lower case letters together, he is doing good with the sounds of the letters and so much more. And AJ my three year old is able to match the letters as well and is learning alot through this app. The second app is Alphabet Tracing. This allows the child to trace the letters and numbers using their fingers on the IPAD which helps in their writing skills and coordination. It also helps in counting their numbers as well. Once they finish the work on the IPAD I also have both of them trace their names, letters and numbers on paper. JR is doing very well tracing his letters and also writing them without tracing...Of course, some letters better than others, but that goes with learning. His writing is getting very good. I am still working with AJ in tracing his letters on paper. Yesterday he did better but I still have alot of work to do with him and his attention span. There are so many awesome applications that you can download on your IPAD to help your children in their growth. Another great download is their LeapFrog. I have just been able to see more progress with the two that I mentioned. Here are a couple of screen shots of the apps to give you an idea. The Starfall app I think is around $2.99 which you download from ITUNES and the Alphabet Tracing is a free download.