Saturday, November 19, 2011


I decided to test my editing skills and experiment in photoshop. I was able to get CS5 and I am loving it.  Now that I know the basics thanks to CruzDesignz Photographer Ralphy Cruz I have been able to put more action into my editing. I decided to try this type of photo editing because eventually I want to get better at it and do an alter ego shoot.

Above is the photo that I experimented with...Let me know what you guys think! You can also view it on my facebook business page ---> KLM PHOTOGRAPHY and comment there.

"Miss Runway 2011"

Soooo I finally got to shoot the one and only Miss Runway 2011 Ruth Tufiate today! And might I say she "KILLED" the shoot! I loved shooting her because there was no need in direction or anything..everytimes she heard the camera shutter she had a different pose ready! I've shot her in runway shows before but that was nothing like shooting her today; even though with both seeing her walk the runway or shooting her like I did always gives me an adrenaline rush! She is always so professional and fun to work with. Thanks Ruth for a great photo shoot today! You were amazing! Here are a few photos to preview from her shoot!

Photography and Post Processing | Kelli Morales
Wardrobe | Yasser Faraco
Makeup | Ruth Tufiate