Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My boys

These are my two little rugrats! As you can see AJ, my youngest, trys to avoid the camera and act like I'm not taking a photo but my oldest JR, the last photo loves the camera...lol I love my babies!


Oh My Goodness!!! I came across this photo of Jianny that I took today that screamed "ATTITUDE" in it that I just have to post and share! How cute is this!!! Look at her facial expression as she is holding the bow...#classic This little girl is going to be a feisty one! Love it! Watch out Odi!!! Haha

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"One reason I want a Baby Girl!"

This morning I went to go spend some time with a good friend of mine and her family to take photos of her baby girl "Princess Jianny" Before she was born I have had the pleasure of being her personal photographer to her and her family ( I love them!). I was able to do the maternity shoot, her newborn photos and now she is 6 months old...so her mommy called me to come and capture how gorgeous and big she is becoming. And I must say when I saw her today in her little outfit it just made me want a little girl! Don't get me wrong I LOVE my baby boys and wouldn't trade them for the world...but I would LOVE to have a baby girl to dress up and do cutsie things with. But for now I have adopted Jianny as my "wish I had a baby girl" Baby Girl...LOL Here is a preview of her shoot from today. | To see more preview photos make sure to "LIKE" us on Facebook --> FACEBOOK | KLM PHOTOGRAPHY

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